Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Silly me

Silly me, I've bumped my left foot against a doorpost at home. It was just before I was going out for an easy run. I ignored it and started with my warm-up routine as usual. A few minutes into running I had to stop because of the pain. Inspecting my toe after limping back home it had already turned blue and black. For a bit I was worried that it was broken, so i went to see a doctor two days later but it turned out to be a bad bruise and he gave me some tape to reduce the swelling. Five days after the incident I was out and running again. Still a little colored but the pain was almost gone. I realized that this intensive running program made me more tired than usual thus lowered my awareness. I have to take more time to do things so not to injure myself again... I thought.

Yesterday morning however, being in a hurry to leave for work in the morning I kicked the leg of the new home-trainer which I had bought the week before. I cursed myself for being so stupid to hurt myself again. I quickly checked my toes and determined that it was the same toe. Having no time for icing I put the leftover tape on my toe and left for work. Coming home in the afternoon I took off my socks to inspect my toes to find out that it was another toe which had turned black-purple. Stubborn me, I got ready for a sic kilometer run and was actually very fast. Although it was very painful I managed to run 5 minutes flat for 6KM. But upon arriving home I was unable to walk... Today I'll do a long workout on my home-trainer to speed-up recovery time and keep stamina.

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