Thursday, March 20, 2014

Running in Winter winds

 For some reason I've been feeling inspired to pick up running, though it's still cold and wintery outside. Ontop of this the spring winds don't make it anymore appealing to head out for an evening run. Well, I'm not sure actually  about the weather, it's warmer and sunnier than during winter, it is actually spring season, but the wind is icy-cold and once it succeeds to penetrate under my clothes it cools me down real quick. 
 Work related stress is probably one of the reasons I want to run, it's either going to end in me screaming at someone I shouldn't or a freaking bad stomach ulcer. So as a responsible adult I'll take care of my own stuff and sweat out some of the buildup stress. 
 It's just the first ten minutes though, once I get warmed-up the cold wind doesn't bother me anymore. The runners high feels good and gives me new strength to head out for a future run. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Running? Back on the road...

I have not ran for a good two years. For various reasons obviously, but few seem to matter at this time. Not sure if I should or want to stirr up the past and write a post about it. Maybe it is more interesting to read about my current and future running. Most readers are runners and would probably care more for positive and encouraging posts than an excuse to quit running. 

So here goes; I'm running or actually more like jogging once or twice a week depending on the weather and my mood I guess. I still have my gear and a new pair of running shoes, so when the wind blows the right way, I could be out on the road. Unfortunately not for too long though... I can run for twenty minutes.   

I am just going out there to shake off some of my work stress and a few pounds around my waist which I could do without. I could always use some encouraging words from other runners, so if you have some, pls leave a comment.