Monday, March 14, 2011

Earthquake hit Japan

I'm all right. I live 200KM from the epicenter of the march 11 earthquake and roughly 120KM from the Fukushima nuclear plant here in Japan. For three days we didn't have water and electricity which was quite uncomfortable. Can't go back to work because the gas stands have long waiting lines and new supplies are not scheduled. Most of the gasoline is being used for emergency services and other vehicles which support important life-lines such as food and water.

 This is definitely not a time for running. On the other side of my town people are still without water and some even without electricity. Many stone fences and roof tiles have fallen on the street which would make for dodgy running. On top of that there is an extremely high amount of radioactive dust blowing through town because the wind is very unfortunately carrying it our way. The government has suggested to stay inside or either get inside asap for those who are outside. Even in my town the level of Sievert per hour is many times higher than is good for us.