Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Embarrasing

Just yesterday I wrote how good my legs felt and that I'm burning rubber. Last night coming home around 7pm. it was late and cold but I wanted to do an easy run. I thought a short warm-up and little stretching would be sufficient but after 2K my calf started to ache. I tried to run to the 3K turning point but at 2.5K I turned back home with an easy jog. I jumped into the shower to run cold winter water over my lower leg. It felt good (physically) but mentally very disappointing to have to refrain from running for a couple of days again.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back on the Road

I feel it is finally save to say that I am again good to go for a full marathon training schedule including the long runs and speed training workouts. Last November I raced a 10K in preparation for my marathon this year April. But maybe I got too carried away with my training and over-trained. This resulted in Injury. The worst thing of all was that I lost the appetite to continue training, and couldn't find the courage to face the cold winter weather. At the end of December, after being away from running for more than a month, I started going out again and ran rounds of 4 to 6K only.

January feels much better, I'm feeling strong and run four times a week. Last Tuesday's tempo run felt great with almost zero muscle ache. I pushed myself to run 8K in 40 minutes flat, at a beautiful 5 minute per kilometer pace.