Friday, September 17, 2010

Pace Improvement

Finally summers seems to have passed on to other parts of the planet. Early autumn smells good and temperatures are optimal for running. Now every morning I'm fortunate to see the sun come up while running my morning training session. The sky turns red to orange to yellow which is great to gaze at while hearing the birds sing their morning songs. I'm already seeing improvements in my pace since I loose less sweat and my core temperature doesn't go up too high while running. I was becoming worried about my pace not improving much as I ramp up my weekly mileage.

Just two months and a bit before my marathon race. Hopefully I can keep up with my long runs and avoid a burnout. I feel very motivated and ready to set new personal best.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The end of summer?

Tomorrow we'll get some rain in the morning brought by a typhoon. I've had enough summer for one year. One whole month without rain and daily temperatures over 30 degrees centigrade and soaring humidity. It's become increasingly difficult to run because my body is unable to cool down. Breathing either hot air or dry air from air conditioners. draining all fluids when running and trying to replenish during the day.

Tomorrow the winds will make it tough to run but I want to run in cool weather no matter it rains or not... Typhoon running report will come later