Monday, September 21, 2009

10K race plan

I've decided to run a 10K race in November to see what kind of time I can put out. I'm trying to find out what target time I should use to practice pace running for my next marathon. I want to aim at running my next (2nd) marathon around or just under 4 hours. I know I need a 5:30 kilometer pace in order to finish the marathon in four hours. So during my 10K race I want to check if I can pace under 5:00 per kilometer.

I'm going to train according to a new, and more challenging running program form Hal Higdon which somehow appealed to me very much. Hal Higdon's 10K running program is hard but feels very motivating to just get out there everyday. I've noticed that I'm losing some weight due to every day training so I try to eat as much as I can to get enough energy to keep going. From next week I will start using the new workout formula, so wish me luck.