Thursday, March 18, 2010

Marathon runners diet

What can we say about a marathon runners diet? First of all we know that it is the fuel for every step we take and every mile we run. A specialized diet becomes important only if you train more that 70 miles a week. After that your body will become so seriously depleted of its vitamins and minerals that keeping your health will become a challenge. Carefully plan your daily diet so that you ingest all necessary food from the food pyramid. The marathon runners diet is something discussed in many books and magazines as well as the web. Read up about runners diet as much as you can to avoid injury and common colds as you come closer to your marathon race.

Also you can check out this page: the marathon training diet guide.

So far so good

As I decided back in February (re-thinking my long runs) to drop my long runs and build a solid running base, most of the hurting has been reduced to almost zero. Currently my longest runs are only 8K but I try to go out for a training run every day if possible.

The weather hasn't been cooperating very well. Temperatures have been swinging from 20 to 3 degrees Celsius over the past few weeks, with additional rainy days and windy days. This has led to more non-running days then I would have wanted but I try to ride my stationary bike at home for about 40 minutes to one hour instead.

One more thing I have realized just yesterday while I sat on the (...). Is that most of my training runs I push myself to run as fast as possible or at least run near my marathon race pace. Of course I have great excuses for doing this such as, making sure to get back home in time for dinner so that my wife doesn't throw a fit, or because it is cold outside and the desire to take a hot bath becomes increasingly stronger every ten minutes, or I want to get back home before it gets too dark outside for cars to see me. So I'll try to pay more attention to slow down on recovery runs and to actually take it easy on an easy-run day.

Last ten days of running:

2-Mar     8        44:20