Sunday, October 4, 2009

Keeping up with the plan

Last week I started with Hal Higdon's 8-week training program. The first week was about 30KM with one tempo run, one long run, one cross-training day and one day off. So far no serious pain. Feeling tired but that will hopefully wear-off after I get used to this training program. I realize and feel that my body needs healthy food and rest to keep up and keep going. I have brown rice, vegetables and some fruit during the week. Maybe I need some more fruit, but this year it is so expensive.
Also, last week I have purchased a Home-Trainer Bike to use for cross-training. It really uses other muscles than when running but it delivers a good sweat on the forehead. And in winter when the weather gets too crazy to go out it will be useful to maintain stamina. I haven't used a bicycle here in Japan for some years now, so it was rather painful to peddle for just 20 minutes. My cross-training program says I should peddle for about an hour but then I'll turn into a triathlon athlete instead, so I'll try to go for 4o minutes next time.

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