Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Forum for Runners

I’ve created a forum for runners from all over the world. It’s caller Runners Talk. There are some forums for running out there on the web already but I just felt it would be nice to have a general forum for marathon runners.

Currently there are only a few categories, but there is room for expansion if forum members express a idea for new category titles. There are two main forum categories, “marathon” and “country and continents.” These are subdivided into sub-categories which relate to the main categories. I guess that both the main and sub-categories can be adjusted and increased if a certain number of forum members deem it appropriate.

I am hoping that many people will sign up for my runner’s forum. For any beginning forum there is the thing that people post their topics but only a few members can reply to them. Maybe we just have to be patient…

Hope to see you all on the forum.

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