Friday, February 11, 2011

Race results

It's been already two months ago since I ran my marathon. Probably the reason for not blogging for a while. My aim was to break the "magic" four hours. At mile 13 I was running at 1:50 so completely on track and feeling good. But of course there has to come an "however" otherwise this entry would have been written much sooner after reaching my goal. At mile 14 my stomach started to feel funny, never had that feeling before. Maybe it was all the excitement, adrenaline, and my breakfast which mixed into a deadly ball of pain. As i look back on the whole event I know what went wrong. It was just being too nervous and not planning enough, though I thought I did. I usually don't have breakfast before running, I always train on an empty stomach because food and running always gives me trouble the next day... But on marathon race day the troubles came at mile 14 and never went away. The stomach pain was so serious that I had to walk at intervals. This resulted in a five hour marathon. Very depressing to run more than an hour longer that your goal time.

The worst was that I had sacrificed so much of my social life for my training. Almost everyday on the road just to run miles. On the weekends doing long runs left me constantly exhausted and not interested in spending time with my family or friends.

So, the motivation is gone.

And it is winter (cold, snow, wind) so there's not much running. I go out once a week for 10K or some interval running, but I don't think there will be another marathon. I'm thinking of running 10K races instead. Less training and more enjoying running. It could have been my competitiveness that made me suffer so much. Even thinking of running a 10K race makes my mind set high goals.

I'll try to keep everyone updated on how thing unfold.

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