Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back on track

Although the weather here in Japan doesn't really seems to be willing to provide me with sunny, dry weather, there has been light and improvement in my marathon training. March and April have been good for me and my weekly training total has risen to 35K. This week due to rain and temperatures around 5 degrees centigrade I was unable to run more than three times to a grand total of 24K. Next weeks forecast seems sunny and warmer so hopefully I can go out about five times to run around 35K total.

I've started to incorporate some speed-training work-outs to my running schedule. One is interval-training where I run 500 meter repeats with 300 meter recovery jogs. The 500 meter increased speed is at about 2:20 pace with a max of 2:40. This month I'll do this once a week at 6x500 meter.

Another speed work-out I've adapted is running a medium distance which is about 8K for me at the moment, and gradually build-up my pace. Starting with the first 2K at 6:00 kilometer pace, then 2K at 5:30 kilometer pace, then 2K at 5:00 kilometer pace, and finally the last 2K at about 4:45 kilometer pace. This provides me with reduced risk of injury since the first 4K are at slower pace than my other training runs and thus proving a longer warm-up without straining. But it still gives me the distance and lubrication for a good work-out. The final 4K really pushes me aerobically and makes my lungs work hard.

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